Charles (20 Feb 2012)
"Headlines February 18th the sign"

While everyone is watching Whitney's funeral the US Senate declared a declaration on war on Iran, their were two Iranian warships passing through the dues canal, there was a mass bird die off, Iran and Syria are holding military exercises, the shiek of the UAE is leaving for a private visit to Turkistan in Russia, Japan is sending its fleet of ageis missle cruisers and minesweepers to join the US Fleet! Three weeks inclusive of February 18th March 8th the Internet is going to be down, I just watched a John Carter warlord of mars commercial it showed an alien ship And the ad froze for a second and said prepare and starting March 9th! My rapture dream had me surprised the rapture took place on a Thursday March 8th is a Thursday and Friday March 9th John carter said prepare for the aliens! Read Joel chapter 2! Remember the flashing red Alert commercial this is war starting Friday well the US senate declared war on the news today! They had to pass it Friday! They announced it today! If the rapture or war occurred how great it would be to have the Internet down! I have been vexed sorely by this world every day lately trying to keep my spirit down! God I prayed today for a spirit of abba father! I went for a walk and asked God for a sign nothing I went home on a path wooded that I have not walked on for fifteen years I thought it might be trespassing but no signs were posted! It was a wet muddy path with forks and trees but it led to my house! I pleaded with God for a sign as I was walking God finally in spirit said to me this is your sign! As I got to my house there were pricked and brambles and branches I had to move carefully to finally get home! The sign God gave me was He led me on a narrow path the road less traveled and through the mud the water the fallen trees and providers at the end He led me home! That was the sign! We are in the brambles and prickers trying to get home! I tried to show my wife the fox news report on the senate declaring war saying please honey Isaiah 17 is coming its going boom the rapture is coming I tried to show her someone else warning since I am crazy! She said I am not constantly listening to you watching the news etc I said look I have not said much I cannot stop you watchimg the kardasians but I am going to watch what God show me and don't threaten me with you'll do something if things don't change ie I shut up and become worldly husband talk about golf or something as we watch CIS together or something seriously! I went for a walk I looked at two news sites briefly and saw all this seriously if I knew nothing about the bible and I looked past the Whitney funeral I would know something's up! How can so many be so willfully ignorant? It's because they don't want it to be true or focus on anything that gets in the way of thier routine or is not PC! I tried to warn my Christian wife sat beside me in church for fifteen years that it appears we are on the brink of isaiah seventeen and she just got annoyed with me! Get on the ark stop listening to those clueless masses Jesus is the ark Repent, believe, call on the Lord rend your heart not your clothes! Question is anything else going to matter one second after the rapture! The problem for us watchers is everything is still here going on we just see the bolts have all been removed and the ride is greased! We are so foolish to the world why cannot we just be normal? Because the vanity of your mind the course if this world was the first part of my walk the path that I viciously have been led down lately by worldly attack after attack and no one to help! I am alone I told God no one personally has listened to my report Noah at least had his family and animals! When I came home a Christian aquantance called said he had not seen me for awhile and was led to call to tell me he was there if I wanted to talk! God answered both my needs! Please pray for me that I can be covered by my shield of faith that the brambles don't prick me as I go home! Pray for my family my wife is just surrounded by the world and all our wise friends i am a foolish chicken little to her the problem is the sky really is falling soon! Please Lord let none watching for you be ashamed! I pray I am found watchimg and my wife I and son go together the alternative is too hard to complain! The funny part is we are being blatantly warned because then those who did not heed will be put in a position they have no excuse they did not know! I have done shown what I have seen and warned but who would believe my report a prophet has no honor in his own house!