Charles (20 Feb 2012)
"March 8th prepare march 9th"

Well just watched a video on Mary Greeley 1954 a woman told her the ISP provider she talked to spilled the beans that after march 8th this goes down everyone will be able to see and go to only what those sites the government wants you to this means we may not have access to Christian sites to watch and witness! Christians are truly the most harmless of Internet users we try and love our enemies and fight with words and speech and ideas casting down imaginations we do not carnally cause strife yet I feel we will be blocked and your millions of trash sites will be free and clear! The ISP said that the Internet if it goes down will be the reaction by those fighting to show they cannot do this and those in the middle will be those just trying to stand in the truth and wash the lies out of their brain! The mass reality of this world is the great deception the truth is we were made to be fit vessels for God and him to abide in and everything after our fall from grace was turned upside down! I really did not think we would be here this close to the stuff the more I see is that after march 8th whether we are here or not the Internet may cease to be a witness tool and a place for real news! Time is short watching used to be fun I thought just tell people about Jesus so they believe then they will be saved and go then reading and studying it really seemed that the bride was the faithful church wanting Jesus to come knowing they needed a savior praying for rescue watching loving and not denying his name basically seperstimg themselves from the filth of the world as much as possible! I understand God wants to save as many as possible but it seems like the longer those watching are here the less strength and light we gave and the less good our warnings have! I guess it's like when you are done picking the low hanging fruit you really have to work to get those last few apples! I honesty took my son on the narrow path walk today and for the first time he explored and enjoyed the outdoors I thought if things were different I could have enjoyed being a boy scout leader and taking the kids out. I hope that was not wrong before God. I am trying to come out of this world and keep clean but the moment I awake it's like I am swimming in mud watching its doom and gloom all the time now it's like the monster rely was in your closet as a child now he's loose and God wants us watchers to keep warning what we see and the world wants us to go to sleep and shut up! I just want Jesus to forgive me and swing his staff and keep me from the wolf and take me home! And I want my family and all of you there also! If my wife truly understood the fact that once you know the worlds a lie and you know Gods word is true you cling to it and cannot take the blue pill again because you took the red pill and Jesus blood surges through your veins! Jesus was the innoculation for the sin destroying the world and the only antidote! I am so tired of trying to warn people just how serious God is. There are three groups of people those watching praying awake trying to be repentant through grace, those rejecting and actively rebeling against God I would say about 10% each way and about 80% religious or not that think life just goes on and God is either a part of their life or not not that their life means nothing apart from the will of God! It's like God put in me from birth something was not right about reality as it seemed! He saved me out of catholic church, no church, gave me faith in Jesus showed me His mercy, just told me to come out of the UM church because of their support of Palistine and against Israel that people are not being taught true salvation is believing on Jesus an active laying down of your will and living and trusting in Jesus to lead our ways like a man blind without a helper seeing eye dog without a good Shepard being followed the sheep do not know the way home! I have been srperated I no longer feel a part of this world nor want to be yet I am still here forced to live in the vanity of it! The world cannot wait till we go it seems I cannot wait to go! I don't want anyone left but it seems too good of a job was done convincing people they could live here and be friends with this world and say Jesus and not have to give up their life to have any hope of it being saved! Thats doom and gloom to the world all I know is the monster really was in the closet and now he's coming out I so want to be in Gods book of remembrance for those who talk and think upon his name. March 8th end maybe of witness on the net! Twelve years ago was six years ago was another life now watching and praying is all I know all else is vanity! Please I hope I Helped someone here I hope Jesus will call me home I drive a Ford and do not want a Twinkie! One way or another I don't think we will be here witnessing talking on this site after march 8th its game over! How do you function in conversation where people are talking about the pros and cons of thier yoga instructors and maximizing their 401ks where your wife hates you watching and bugging her to read the bible and not her people magazine and how you feel totally alone surrounded by people demanding your participation in the world and all you want to do is get out of the snare it is about to become! I mean what does I will cause a snare to come upon the whole world mean what good is telling people about Jesus love if they don't understand why they need it ie.  the whole worlds a trap and God made Jesus the exit!