Charles (16 Feb 2012)
"The signs are unmistakable if your watching"

I am truly horrified by the jerimiah 51 post because in my heart I have known it true for awhile! Why did Jesus say watch why are we to work out out salvation with fear and trembling? Simply because with all the world a lie and deception we will believe it and or the earthly religion with its soothing words don't worry be happy! If you read the bible and believed it there is truly much to be worried about the fact is God will judge the world and only those watchimg in the spirit will have an inkling when! Unless we every day are not dying in as much as possible to this world we are not seeing the Ruth and working out our salvation in fear and trembling. I have felt like a dead man walking inside the past week never felt this on the last five years truly watchimg. Those I have warned are tired of hearing me they are still here the worle goes on. They ingnkre the sing we have been on a continual slide since 2008! The fact is someone lighting a match on a ship in the mideast could start this. I am sure there is a set date and the world hous on about who to vote for! We may have two days or two months but can anyone not see once all the for Ed are in place they cannot I definately just sit there! I go back to the red alert commercial this is war starts Friday flashing in red! Submarine flash traffic messages start with a blinking red light I have seen hunt for red October! I hear my wife talking about going away this weekend it's been a rough couple months and I want to cry what do I say what can I say that she or anyone would believe I already have told them we have to watch and pray Jesus is. Oming pointed out signs! But now the music people are just flashing the intent! Of course they communicate like this think George going to say your all toast in blank days! No but they need to know when to scurry underground! I thought the little I have prepared may have helped someone after or really us until! But now I am just begging God in my heart to go how can I love a lie I look at my son and think is this the last night I read to you! He asks me if mommy will go when Jesus comes I tell him she believes I hope she will. I have asked God that I may be able to go! I have handed out bibles and people say no I don't need one I think this is your only need! I need a savior a need a lord! we all need to pray for each other so we can stand to go!