Charles (15 Feb 2012)
"Another foreshadowing"

In the movie the sum of all fears an aircraft carrier was struck by missles in an attack the president was in air force one and this just about precipitated www3 the oldest carrier enterprise on her final mission heads to the gulf as Iran shadows the exiting Abraham Lincoln while US defense officials warn of Irans suicide boats and missle threats! What happened to the enterprise starship on its last mission? It was sacrificed in a ruse to defeat the Klingons (Iran Russia)? Is the enterprise the cheese baiting the trap? If so we will be here through March and February 17th may see another warning wvent! I do not see how we can make it to May 17th could three weeks from Feb 17th the seventh day be www3 could the rapture be first? Could it be that day? All I know is I am seeing all this and am like a man in desperate need for my savior to come soon.