Charles (15 Feb 2012)
"Symbolism of Will Smith Hosting Kids Choice Awards"

I do not seek this stuff out it finds me and does not let me go. The choice of Will Smith as host of kids choice awards host has even more symbolism then I saw. His movies Bad boys, Independance day, I am legend, even his series the fresh price of bel air! Who is the prince of Hollywood? Who is a bad boy? Who is positioning the alien thing the fight between the good and bad aliens? Who is a fancier of playing a messianic figure after a fallen mystery Babylon? Will gets a call from Nina Minaj on an egg shaped video screen she must be the administrative assistant goes down into the bowels to prepare in secret then is fit to catapult again in an egg shaped chair to the center stage by some kids in black! Oh yeas forgot men in black who saved us from the aliens there will! He also had his ears pierced with a diamond in each I have never sen a picture of him with pierced ears! Just another harmless kids show right!