Charles (14 Feb 2012)
"Amanda son"

My son wakes up two to three times a night it's been affecting our sleep he is scared to be alone. He is six and outgoing! It's the tv the evil stuff they subliminally put in like house of Anubis and monster high etc. it's spiritual I have told him Jesus is coming about the rapture and he is telling little kids about Jesus he wants then to go its so PC with diversity education etc he is doing what he understands at six. I think children are closer to the spirit and can sense what we strive harder too we must be as little children. This will help in faith bless some oil make it holy I put a cross of oil on every enterance to our house windows doors sump pump. He was still waking up I missed one got it this weekend I showed him the last two nights he slept fine! Did not tell my wife she would think its just me being overboard again but it worked I told them in Jesus name to leave then sealed the cracks! Hole this helps pray for my son and I prayed for yours! We are close my stomach is in knots reading your post please we all need to pray for each other!