Charles (13 Feb 2012)
"Why Jesus said study"

Jesus said study work to be a workman approved because like Nicole said and I see we all see how can you begin to tell people who have not been studying the bible for Yeats praying for discernment knowing how the worlds wisdom and there's is nothing and Gods is everything who have not come humbly to the mercy seat and have an unction to truth how can we say see whats coming? God said watch and pray! How can we at this date get them to see? God said on this one blog my people have chosen comfort and routine over me! I am chafing at the bonds of my routine I know it's a trap and Only faith in Jesus And keeping our eyes on him abiding in his light and word sets us free! It used to be like some prophetic thing and then a lull now it's like a screaming constant storm and people say its just cloudy! They are like playing a game where every day it's normal they win and we are scoffed at losers! The problem is they haven't read the bible studied read revelations we are not going along with the course of this world in the vanity of our minds they Scoff saying things are going along and Jesus may not come for a thousand years what? I realize everything I found cool in this world was a lie! The new movie the journey to mysterious island is to make Atlantis cool to the kiddies old enough to be left like thirteen its rated that way! On Victorious there was a quote Quote by lady gag me on the board the life I live is half reality half theatre and I was born this way. With the beast nature! Alvin and the Chipmunks sang born this way! I do not go looking for this stuff it finds me haltingly in my face! Through Jesus the two men aC a dklre made one and we are born again a new man. It's the only hope we have everything else is vanity! There seems to be a physical correlation to the farther this world moves from God the worse the natural disasters are. God said creation was subjest to vanity but not willingly and groans to this day waiting to be freed from its bonds! I cannot better describe how I feel inside every day! I Don't want to listen to the lie anymore and the world does not listen to the truth that they were born without hope apart from the covenant and unless we die on the cross with Jesus and rise again in  new life and wash in His blood And abide in his word we have no hope except the helmet of salvation!