Charles (13 Feb 2012)
"How can I possibly type what I have been shown"

We all know things are heating up! Madonnas little 13 minute black mass 13+5 February 18th? My rapture dream surprised on a Thursday 16/17 here and in Israel the 17th at sundown becomes the 18th in Israel. The sabboth day the last day they would attack the primary day they might be! Well Whitney Houston died suddenly mysteriously on a Saturday the 11th! 2/11/2012! Add the numbers up they equal 9! The day was 11! She was dead on 9/11 at age 48! Israel was born in 1948 suddenly in a day! Whitney's last live performance she sung Yes Jesus Loves Me! All of these numbers came into my head waking up! Could Whitney have been a one week warning to Israel and the world that sudden destruction is coming on 2/18! She died on a 9/11 date suddenly at 48 the year Israel was born seven days before 2/18! 5,6,7 Jesus! Her last song she sung live was yes Jesus Loves Me! First Madonna and now this!

Next Will Smith is hosting the kids choice awards his commercial features the singer who popped the bird at the Super Bowl! He gets a phone call just like will I am in the video the hard way and again fall down into the Earth the trap being sprung and there are a bunch of kids everyone in black preparing him for the. Show! They strap black will smith into a white half egg chair and launch him ie in a human slingshot back to the surface to get the show started! Another subliminal message to our kiddies? Will played a messiah like figure saving the race in I am legend dying for the race to live! He fought the bad aliens in Independance day! We have been being programmed for a long time it's just getting in your face obvious well I guess not to 99.9% but that Lacadonian Eye Salve works really well! How do I go on in a world that sees nothing hears nothing says nothing yet calls me deaf because I don't want to hear it!

Yes Whitney Jesus Loved You!