Charles (11 Feb 2012)
"Charles Holler 111 and My rapture dream"

I just read your post with fascination as I glanced down at my clock it was 11:09 pm 9:11! Per my dream post I fell asleep and had a rapture dream I heard rapture rapture rapture like tora tora tora the code for pearl harbor attack then the rapture! Going up I remember thinking oh this was what 5,6,7 Jesus meant and feeling surprised that the rapture was on a Thursday! Some of the dream was muddled this is all I remember I looked up may 17th it's a Thursday! Well when its Thursday here on the 16th its already the 17th 5,6,7 Jesus in Israel so the dream fits this day also and if the 2/18 day is the trap being sprung I see Jesus coming in the clouds. Interesting there was a cloud tsunami over Panama Florida today the tenth. A seven day warning to get in the ark. I want to go in and close the door. I just cannot see it all holding off till May I pray all who are watching that none of us are ashamed. Could be May 17th Could Be February 16th-17th before the 18th.