Charles (11 Feb 2012)
"A plea from my heart!"

After all my posts and finding psalm forty I sat outside and watched the birds eat. I fed them because God gave me the ability to. That's what this all boils down to this whole world is still functioning because God wills it. I'd be foolish to think I fed the birds without the Lords enabling me! This world is foolish because it thinks it runs on its own steam! And our society had been structured to perpetuate the illusion that we are the ones in charge when we really have zero hope without surrendering to Jesus our will our pride! I just listened to hummingbird027 latest and she was crying at the end reading Isaiah fifty! I have cried at least twice today because I understand we lost our birthright to rule this planet and everyone is tricked to watch and love sports tv movies going out drinking activities kept busy so we do not come to the realization we are lost and without hope that the end is not the destination we want when we follow this world and go our own way! I just watched toy story three the supposedly paradise daycare was really a prison run by toys sacrificing other toys so they could live! The end was a fiery pit except the space alien toys plucked them away with a crane into the air at the very end the hmmm I know this plot kicked in even a child's movie and no one gets it no one oh it's just a movie! Remember the TV show Lost it was making fun of the people in the world who are lost! It went in seven seasons then was a wrap! Watchman in the world who see the truth and warn are scoffed at like the prophets because like in the movie a few good men they cannot handle the truth! If what we say is true then their whole reality is a lie since they love the lie more then the truth they will perish because of their lack of knowledge! Jesus came to tell us the truth that we might be saved and no one except a few men good by grace saved by faith Jesus words were true! They did not just hear they listened and acted as those awake are! I am trying to swim in the mire until Jesus comes because I have faith this worlds a lie and His word is true. Those who profess Jesus but are perfectly happy walking in the lie of this world and who do not understand they have no hope except not walking in the vanity or the pride and humbling themselves admitting their sins and clinging to the mercy seat of Jesus are loving the lie Jesus is coming for those watching and praying they be found worthy who know they have no hope and need a savior they are on the ark swimming in the mud warning others praying and looking up for a savior focus on Jesus and you will be led home. If you do not know you are we are all entirely dependent oh him and he's our only hope then with all the warnings in the world the rocks crying out I don't know what else to say except if your watching the new whatever show on tv with more importance then praying for a savior to rescue you from your sins you need a pole reversal to wake you up and I am reading the earth will fall and not rise again so God will shake those awake he can! The age of grace where humbling yourself and walking justly in that humility saves is ending get on the ark now!