Charles (11 Feb 2012)
"We need to go South to head north in this world"

I was praying for repentance and forgiveness of my sins and it came to me I was telling Jesus how I did not know how to make it through the day! See those upside down triangles the yield sign when you drive? More subliminal stuff to get everyone to subliminally follow the NWO. Everything is upside down a Christian on the radio station saying his wife thought madonnas performance was fantastic! They were glorifying the god of this world with madonna the high priestess! Lady gaga is the cheerleader and Britney spears the siren! All blond notice that! Well the whole world is upside down evil is fought for as good the right to marry a dog if you want morning after pills in vending machines yet my son was watching to everyone sing so he sings a song and my wife videos it he stats saying save it it will be worth a million dollars one day when I am a singer! I told him that a good heart and good relationship with Jesus was worth more and he said dad I know Jesus will come before I grow up anyway! My wife told him to stop talking like that and we do not know when he's coming and gave me a hard time wonder where he got that from! Mmmm bad father telling my son a good heart and Jesus is what he should strive for and that Jesus is coming soon you see it's not PC for him to go to school and say stuff like that you know the Indian or Arab child may be offended! He won an award for his art the subject diversity! The caption it's ok for us to have friends who are different more programming! Hey go to Walmart and buy the members mark brand it's cheaper! Mmmm members mark! Mark there is a singer who was in the black eyed peas will I am seriously his song the hard way shows death coming up to destroy the earth and him getting to heaven the hard way through his intellect and effort with jaylo thrown in undulating like a snake on screen! He takes a stargate with a Russian warp drive ship to the Pleiades and sneaks into heavan contaminating it and forcing God to start creation over ie reset the game! Seeing these things in our face purposely understanding more and more and looking around and seeing how the wise and those full of pride in this life of even their religion are walking upright only in the delusion because everything is upside down a perversion of creation. Tell anyone this even try your. Easy they see none of it. That scares me the most like the guy waking up realizing those monsters under his bed when he was little actually were real and all the people he thought crazy are actually the sane ones! I honestly do not know how long but I know why Jesus had to come and die and why our only hope is the rapture! My dream the rapture occurred on a Thursday fits ascension day feb 16/17 before the 18th march 8th all I know is I need a savior because I am hanging by a thread in this upside down reality to be hopefully looking up and watching when he comes! They showed the snare being sprung and flipped the bird to everyone thinking how fantastic they were! I want to go home I cannot take knowing the truth and being surrounded by everyone else walking in the lie and forcing me to be in this world even though I feel no longer of it!