Charles (10 Feb 2012)
"carrier matrix on divine coders"

I was reading to my son and look up enterprise in psalms popped into my head. I went and treid but the word was too big so I did a search and found carrier. The interesting thing about the bible code is its alot harder to find relevant matrixes then people think. Pick the right book to search I always am led to psalms. Put the same word in another book its not there. Then pick the right keyword Iran may occur so much its randomized and not a verse is found. carrier appeared in exactly one verse only. Then put in march or rapture not there. But sunk, Iran, USA, War, Israel, Oil all are in the same verse. There is an element of divine inspiration of where to search what to look for and if so a window into another level of the bible opens just a crack to show a possible glimpse the word is infallible but before computers the code was unsearchable and anceint jewish scholars tried they knew secrets were hidden in the word on many levels. Are the codes just bible word search or is there more meaning are they another level of communication sealed up until the end time. Does their accuracy and relevance coinside with the user searching on his own intellect versus a divine inspired revelation? All I know is another window into the depth of the word has been opened to just this late time and those watching if so led maybe can see something in the window they were led to.