Cathy M (16 Feb 2012)
"American Idol confirmation?"

Dear John, Ron and Doves,
Last evening I was eating dinner at my computer, reading Ron Reese's latest post, thoroughly absorbed in what I was reading. I had left the TV on the Fox network because I watch my local news on that station. American Idol came on. I have not watched American Idol for a couple of years, I got turned off when Adam Lambert was in the competition. Anyway, long story short, I suddenly noticed that a group of the guys were singing a great rendition of Hold On, I'm Coming and it send a wave of chills up my spine. Oh Lord Jesus, we are holding on for dear life....Please make it soon! Until you come for us we'll keep holding on!
***I turned the TV off after that song, didn't want to hear anymore***
Hope to meet you all very soon!
Maranatha!  Cathy