Carol Garza (11 Feb 2012)
"To Nicole and doves re: To all rapture watchers"

Hi Nicole and doves,
I have never been one to write a ‘left behind’ letter.  However, last month, I was prompted with a strong unction and urgency to compile my studies and put them in a ‘book’ format.   I do not know if I will end up with a ‘book’ but I have been writing both on paper and on my word processor ‘documents’ on various topics.  I have been printing them out and making several copies.  Should we be raptured in the very near future, I agree that almost everything on the internet will be lost, perhaps everything.  
The entire world scenario as we know it now will change.  There is a gazillion amounts of very informative and profitable material enabling people to get ready for the Lord’s return.  After the rapture, it is my guess that IF the internet returns, it will be controlled by the ‘powers that be’.    Many people do not understand the Bible and thus rely on pastors and preachers to explain it to them. 
Being we are living in the Laodicean church age, very few people imho are truly reading, studying and praying the Word of God for themselves.   While there are some very good bible teachers out there, much of the pulpit is mixing the Truth with their own interpretation so that their mega church buildings will grow larger.  There is lots of leaven out there.  
Our God will purify everyone of His Own with Fire that we may be sanctified.  For the Bride of Christ is w/o spot or blemish, wrinkle or any such thing.  ( 1 Peter 1: 6-8 & Ephesians 5:26-28).
Thank God for forums like Five Doves where the Pure Word of God is spread, discussed, reproofed while there is still time as we know it.
I am attempting through my writings an explanation of church history and an understanding of the Word of God as easy and interesting as I possibly can make it with the help of the Holy Spirit.   If people cannot understand the Word of God now, how will they understand it once we are out of here ?
Btw, the 5 doves posts in the last month, especially in the last few days have been the most exciting to read as they have ever been.  Thanks to everyone who posts (and reads) !!!
Blessings to all !
Carol Garza