Carol Garza (10 Feb 2012)
"The Alfalfa Club"

Hi Doves,
I can’t possibly be the only dove who had never heard of the Alfalfa club until yesterday so here is what I found out about it:  It is an exclusive Washington DC club for the rich and powerful.  (makes me wonder how many other rich and powerful clubs there are throughout the world!)
It was founded in 1913.
Sole purpose (or so they say):  To honor General Robert E Lee’s birthday and to share jokes while making humorous speeches but it is closed to the media..
It is held on the last Saturday of January in Washington DC
There are approximately 200 members mostly politicians and corporate executives.  Dinner plates which are always comprised of filet mignon and lobster are $200.00.
Each member is allowed to bring up to 2 guests. (2-2-2 whatever that means.)
The club motto is:  Bis dat, qui cito dat.  Translation:  He gives twice who gives promptly.
It did not admit blacks until 1974 and women until 1994.  The first 3 women to be admitted were Sandra Day O’Connor, Elizabeth Dole and Katharine Graham.
Watching and praying,
Carol Garza