Cap777 (13 Feb 2012)
"Mathman (7 Feb 2012) - Apology"


I appreciate Mathman’s apology and understand how we all can get so focused on specifics we forget about the “forest”.


I just finished reading a publication called “There’s Nothing Random in the Universe ” and have to confess it was at the “very edges” of my mathematical understanding.  With that said, I came away from that read with a new appreciation of the mathematical function of Pi and other numbers God uses in His creation.   This book is available by download.   I have not read his other book “The Divine Calendar”, but it too looks interesting.


I previously knew about how the equivalent of Pi could be calculated using Gematria of Genesis 1:1. 


Thanks to Bonnie Gaunt I also learned how the Golden Ratio related to the formation of flowers, rabbits, and galaxies.  She also pointed out how one could calculate Pi using the diameters of the earth and moon (similar to the Great Pyramid) utilizing a simple formula of 2*Earth’s dia / by radius of E + radius of M. 


However, in the book “There’s Nothing Random in the Universe ” the author takes Pi to new levels of insight, specifically in using “selected number sequences” of the value of Pi taken to 1,000 places.  He discovers some very intriguing numbers that seem to indicate a start of a “new era” in 2018/19.  There is far more math here than I just mentioned and it would be interesting for all “watchers” to see how Mathman might interpret these exceptional numbers and their meaning.


To share my “bias” I must confess that I am persuaded that the 2nd coming of Christ is scheduled for late 2018 or 2019.  This date also seems confirmed by the Psalms 110-118 correlation that J.R. Church discovered.  The Tetrads in 2014/15 would seem to indicate mid-Trib (arguably).  It also concludes 70 years of a generation from 1948.


2012 seems to be a “key” year unfolding before us.  Iran is in the news a lot recently. The USA is obviously preparing for a major war with them.  Syria is on the brink of disaster and could be a key to the coming war.


From reading the “Sabrina letters” it seemed to be shared that God had “postponed” the rapture for His own reasons, but that now that 2012 had arrived, the “birth pangs” are over and now “tribulation” begins.  I think the timeframe from Passover thru Pentecost this year will be a very “significant” time.




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