Bro. Byran (20 Feb 2012)
"THe Old Lion Has Died"


The Old Lion Has Died
Bro. Bryan (2/18/2012)


I was reading Denis Harts article on Feb 17 about WWI Methuselah’s.  I began to google “Old Lions Have Died”. 

There was an article on Feb 16th 2012,  stating the 91 years ago B.B. Warfield passed away.  He was the greatest of old Princeton Theologians and was known as “The Lion of Princeton.”

The was also a reference to Gary Carter, the Sports Lion Dying this week.  But “Lion” was the name of the website.  

There were many references to Old Zoo Lions having Died.  One notable one was Elson , The Lion of Cheyenne Mountain at Pikes Creek.  He died on June 11,2011.  They said,  “that when he roared his whole body shook.” 

Then there was reference to a President who passed away in 1919.  Who, his son sent a five word telegram, “The Old Lion Has Died.”   He was Teddy Roosevelt.

We all know that the “Lion Of The Senate” was, “Teddy Kennedy.”  He died Aug,28,2009.  Exactly one year after his speech to the Democratic National Convention.  

On January 23,2012,  The ”Methuselah of Sports Died.”  Joseph Paterno,  the ”Gentile Lion of Nittany Mountain and Happy Valley.”

Also news of the day on January 23,2012;  there was other breaking news,  The two Gifford Women Kathie Lee, and Gabby Retired. One an entertainer and the other a US House Representative.   Kathie Lee was the original co-host of the Methuselah of TV, Regis Philbon.  And Gabby’s Husband Mark Kelly landed the last space shuttle.  Hopefully soon there will be another large “space object” called the New Jerusalem landing on Mount Zion.    

Co-Incidentally or God-Incidentally,  there was other breaking news on January 23, 2012.  A large fish or Whale appeared to be swimming up to beach itself at Ocean City NJ.  The even called out the whale rescue team.  Amazingly, Jonah didn’t pop out this time, and the whale was dead.  The whale lived about 70 miles off the coast and it was estimated that it had been dead seven days.  So if that whale was a 40 day warning for us to repent.  Then we better be watching for something to possibly to happen on February 24th, 2012.


Come Lord Jesus,

Bro. Bryan