Bruce Warner (29 Feb 2012)

Dear Doves,
It is always forty-two months from the 'first-month' of Nisan of any year to the 'seventh-month' of Tishri three and one-half years later. The reign of the anti-Christ is forty-two months long. I believe Scripture tells us that the forty-two month reign of the anti-Christ will begin on the day of our rapture in the 'first-month' of Nisan and end forty-two months later at the Second Coming of the Lord in the seventh-month of Tishri during the Fall Feasts of the Lord.
The month of Nisan is always 30 days in length.
YEAR                   NISAN 1  BEGINS       
2012                       March 25
2013                       March 13
2014                       April 1
2015                       March 21
2016                       April 9
2017                       March 27
2018                       March 17  
Come Lord Jesus!
Bruce Warner