Bruce Warner (18 Feb 2012)
"TO: Arlene RE: (17 Feb 2012) CLARIFY"

Hi Arlene,
In (1 Thessalonians 4:16) where it states "for the Lord Himself" - I take it to mean that this is a mission He will accomplish Himself, with the help of His angels,  rather than sending  the archangel Michael do it for Him as when he sends Michael to do battle with Satan and cast him out of heaven. I do not think that "for the Lord Himself" precludes Jesus from having His angels with Him. I do not believe Jesus goes anywhere or does anything without His angels with Him.
I DO believe that "the trump of God" is the same as "a great sound of a trumpet".
The tribulation is "shortened" and ends early for the Church when it is "cut short" for the Church by the rapture of the Church.  It is NOT shortened and cut short for the left-behind unbelievers. After the shortened tribulation is cut short for the Church by the rapture, the Church is in heaven at the wedding of the Lamb while the wrath of God is upon the earth. Then at the Second Coming of the Lord the army of the called, chosen and faithful in fine linen - His bride- returns with Him. There is NO severe U-turn at the Second Coming because the Church was previously raptured soon after the tribulation began because it was shortened and cut short for the Church.
YBIC, Bruce Warner