Bruce Warner (13 Feb 2012)
"TO: Paul Wilson RE: "SO WHICH IS IT?" (11 Feb 2012)"

Hi Paul,

Scripture tells us to "Watch always." so I do not disagree with you
that we should watch every day. I watch every day by studying the
Scriptures every day to learn as much as I can because Jesus told us
that He has told us everything in the Scriptures that the Father has
made known to Him. I submit that no one has ever, or ever will,  fully
understood the Scriptures to the point that they need not study them

When I study Scripture I feel like a 'prospector looking for golden
nuggets' that others have stumbled over and did not find. Who among us
can claim to fully know and understand the Scriptures? Certainly not
me, but I seek to understand the Scriptures as much as God will allow
me to. Scripture is full of 'golden nuggets' that are not yet found!

Too many of us take what others tell us the Scriptures say 'for
Gospel' - I do not. I will read and study the Scriptures for myself
and share, for discussion, with others what I believe them to say. I
could also be wrong, but I am putting forward my ideas of what they
say - not just regurgitating what others say. I am working
out-of-the-so-called 'box' so to speak.

I agree, you are right to 'not give up on this year as being the year
of being both'. I hope you are right, although I am also looking ahead
just in case this is not the year of both.

YBIC, Bruce Warner