Brandon Newsom (17 Feb 2012)
"Re: Jennie - Who Goes In Rapture"

I 1000% agree with you. The Holy Spirit and Jesus have confirmed to me too many times to count that only a small amount will go in the rapture. I remember 3 months ago I asked Jesus this:

1 - Am I heavenly secure? He said yes.
2 - If you were to come right now, would I go with you? He said no.

Well I about freaked out but he then assured me I'd be ready by the time he came. Over the course of that 3 months he then taught me what it means to be ready. It is not an act of ourselves, but an act of him making us ready - complimented by an act of being obedient and cutting off worldly influences, obeying Him, and staying consecrated to him so that He can transform us unhindered.

I am 353 million percent sure I am ready now as he has confirmed it to me a multitude of ways, zero shadow of doubt. My brother was taken to heaven for a while where he met God the Father and Jesus, He's sent my brother rapture dreams confirming who in my family would be ready in time, He as spoken to me through other people about it, He's confirmed it in every way I could ever think of.  And to anybody else reading this - if you want that assurance, you have to go to Him for it.

And even still, so many people want Him to just come - but do they want HIM?