Bonnie M (18 Feb 2012)
"One more post pertaining to Stacey's contribution"

This is the most I have ever posted!!

Stacey hats off to you.  I was thinking about this and I have a question for fellow Doves (keeping in mind this is all supposition).

Whitney Houston's passing.  If the evidence is correct (ie., her last performance she sang "Jesus Loves Me"; and recent news releases stated the day before she died she coommunicated she wanted to "see Jesus") and she was a Saint; is she or is she not going in the Rapture.  Certainly her final years were not positive with the substance abuse and addictions.  Will Jesus leave her in the bowels of the earth when He returns at the Rapture?

If the above is correct concerning her beliefs, I say she will raise a split second before living Doves.  However, I would not describe her as a "bride without spot or wrinkle".  

What do all you think?   I mean no disrespect to the family and my heart goes out to them.  May Jesus give them peace that surpasses all understanding.

Again - Your Sister in Christ - Bonnie M.