Barry Amundsen (20 Feb 2012)
"One last thought about Babylon"

It all comes down to time and logistics. It is difficult to imagine this great building project in Iraq taking place during the tribulation for a period of "a little less than seven years" to become the prosperous metropolis you describe when one considers that these same years are also said in scripture to be the greatest time of tribulation since there was a nation. More wholesale death and destruction than any other time in history with global scale wars, earthquakes, volcanoes, pestilences, floods, disease, famine, the earth not covering her slain and a man becoming so scarce that one will begin to think he is the sole survivor on earth like in the movies. Now think back to just a few years ago when 911 hit in this country. I live in Southern California about as far away from the location of this relatively small event (when compared to the descriptions in the book of Revelation of one third of the earth's population being killed at a time due to one angel breaking a seal or blowing a trumpet or pouring out a bowl etc.) compared to these tribulation events, the twin towers coming down was small potatoes, with all due respect to anyone who suffered through or lost someone in that horror. Yet, remember how the entire country just came to a stand-still as a result? No one wanted to go out or buy anything or do anything for a long time after this small event far away from most of us. The whole world was messed up and people stopped spending money or entertaining or anything for awhile. The ball games stopped being played and the TV shows stopped being shown travel plans were cancelled and people were unable to carry on for some time until very slowly things began to start up again. Yet according to the description below by F.M. Riley, during the nearly seven year period, which I assume he means the tribulation period, there will be this huge building and developing prosperity project going on in Iraq?
The result of selecting Babylon as the site for a new World Trade Center means that the wealth of the whole world will swiftly pour into Babylon.  Developers will move to Babylon from all over the world.  Residences, apartment houses, condos, mansions for the ultra-rich, and high rises will be built to house the thousands of people that will flock to Babylon to live and work.  Hotels, businesses, office buildings, and sky scrapers will spring up all across “the land of Shinar.”  It is likely that the largest and most up-to-date air terminal in the world will be built in Babylon to accommodate the many “important” people [Sic!] wanting to fly to Babylon.  It is certain that the Euphrates river will be dredged to make it deeper and wider in order to accommodate the large ocean liners and other ships that will sail right into Babylon’s port, exactly as they did in ancient times.  These ships will be bringing “merchandise” from all over the world to sell to the hundreds of thousands of people pouring into Babylon, Revelation 18:11-13.  Babylon will become the greatest seaport in the world, and in a little less than seven years Babylon will become the largest and wealthiest city in the world
To me the tribulation period will be a time of chaos and death and destruction where mere survival is all that anyone is about. Building hotels and high rise condos, and businesses etc. I have trouble picturing that. Therefore the only other possibility for Riley's proposed idea to be possible is that the tribulation cannot begin for at least seven years (to use your figure) so that they have time to build this place and move everything there under current relatively peaceful conditions. But I also have trouble believing that we have seven years due to the vast number of indicators that we are there now at the time for the tribulation to start. The Bible does say that buying and selling and planting and building etc. would be going on right up to the day when sudden destruction hits but I have real difficulty imagining that this kind of activity continues on even after the sudden destruction as though nothing really happened at all. Perhaps the Antichrist could organise this building project once we are gone and if he wants his headquarters to be in Iraq, suits me fine. My only interest in this subject at all is in how it relates to my own expectation to be delivered before the tribulation begins and I as yet have not seen enough going on in Iraq to convince me that it qualifies to be this mega-city the way New York has been my whole life.
The very issue over this subject seems to me to be more about someone wanting to stir up or focus on a controversy with the goal being to show himself the better Bible scholar than the rest who fall short of his knowledge. Ultimately time will answer this question for all of us and I don't really care that much who is right on it I just want to fellowship with others who love His appearing as much as I do and rejoice as we see that day approaching. Therefore, if I am wrong and Iraq is going to be Babylon the great city again, that's fine, you win and I'm not as smart as you.