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"Re: I Crew, some of the bride may minister as the "supernatural, indestructible, witnesses""

I Crew,
Hi, I don't know if you have seen this before or not so I will post it again just in case. But this is the source for me for the idea that it may be possible that some of the bride may minister as the "supernatural, indestructible, witnesses" as you spoke of...
I know that these are just dreams and therefore do not carry the weight of scripture, however, there is the scriptural precedent of Jesus and many being resurrected and appearing unto many before the ascension 40 days later. So for 40 days these were appearing to many of the saints and surely they would have been an encouragement and faith builder for the apostles who would go on to martyrdom knowing that the faith was worth dying for because of this witness. Also the fact that two or three of these dreams are so strikingly similar and at the mouths of two or three witnesses shall every word be established, it seems right to me.
I also have often felt that we are being "trained" as if in boot camp for some service other than "playing harps on a cloud" because of the tests and trials that we are going through now. The power that would be given would be great to do the things described in these dreams.
Here are the dreams and I have highlighted portions that were especially meaningful to me:

"A Prophetic Dream of Rapture"


Armin A. Wolff


(February 15,1993)


Last night I had an extremely exciting and vivid dream-vision concerning the return of our LORD Jesus. I normally never remember anything I dream, but this was so gripping and vivid, and I have been thinking about it all day today. I would like to share it with you and hereby also have a written record.


I found myself in a meeting with a number of believers. The meeting hall looked like some kind of a warehouse and there were fewer than 100 assembled. The talk seemed to center on the increasing persecution they were experiencing. All of a sudden Jesus appeared and most, but not all, were instantly transformed from mortal beings into Immortal. Also, at the same instant, some other Holy Ones appeared who had walked with God in ages past, both in New and Old Testament times. All of the ones who had, in an instant of time, received their new bodies were able to recognize and converse with the Holy Ones from times past. I heard someone exclaim: "I thought You are coming in the clouds to take us away." The reply was: "I am coming in the clouds and... My reward is with Me Behold, here they are, My Holy Ones of all time, My faithful witnesses, those who loved not their life, and thus received it. They are the clouds and my reward, My reward for what I endured on the cross for all."


I heard another question asked of the LORD, by one of the Transformed Persons, whether He would now take them with Him out of the tribulation they were experiencing. He replied: "No, you must remain here for another 40 days and nights, just as I was on Earth for another 40 days after My resurrection and minister with Me to those who were not ready. After the 40 days and nights you will come with Me into the skies above Jerusalem and we will leave from there to have a celebration, a banquet in My Father's house, a feast that has been planned before the worlds were made."


The ones in the assembly, who had remained in their mortal bodies, lamented and cried to the Transformed Ones to help them, but were told: "It is now too late. The Bridegroom has come for us and there is nothing we can do for you, in this regard. However, if you will not love your own life, not bow to the will of the sin-man and take that seal of his, you will join us after the celebration. You will be sealed by your death and kept in the throne room for the LORD."


In what seemed a moment later, I was in another similar assembly in (maybe) another country. There also, the instant transformation had taken place of many. I was told that this same event had happened all over the Earth and all born again, Spirit filled followers of Jesus had been thus transformed, at whatever spot they happened to be in that instant, and were joined by many of God's Holy Ones, from the dawn of creation up to the present time.


Just then, some heavily armed police, or soldiers, burst into the meeting and proceeded to beat, shoot, and arrest the believers. A little blond Transformed lady stood-up to one of the large men, and refused to move when told she was under arrest. Five or six huge men tried to drag her away, but could not move her any further than they could have moved an ancient redwood or oak tree. This infuriated the police and they started to beat her, and to start shooting their weapons. The bullets went right through the Transformed Believers and made holes in the walls, or in some cases, struck and killed some of the mortals standing behind them. The blows seemed to go through also and have no effect whatsoever on the new resurrection bodies. The remaining mortals were dragged off to prison, along with some of the Transformed Ones who chose to go along. There was no sure way to tell at first glance, who was mortal and who lived in a transcendent resurrection body.


I was then also in a prison, and saw how the Immortals were comforting the anguished souls who were to be executed unless they denounced the name of Jesus. The guards and all governmental authorities were furious that they could do absolutely nothing to prevent the Glorified Believers from coming and going and ministering anywhere on Earth, wherever Jesus told them to go. No wall could hem them in, and no weapon, or human force, could oppose or harm them. One of the Transformed Saints who had lived ages ago on Earth spoke: "Within forty days, all who refuse to accept the seal of the evil one will be killed and kept safe by the Father, personally, in the throne room. Those who give in, will suffer in the Terrible Wrath beginning after the last saint is murdered. This Wrath is the LORD's Last Effort to get rebellious mankind to repent."


At this point, I awoke and as you can imagine, was quite agitated. In fact, my heart rate was considerably above the normal resting level. The clock said 5:05am. Needless to say, I could not go back to sleep. Over time, I may forget the details of this dream, or vision, but one thing I'll never forget is the anguish, wailing, and heart-rending lamentations of those who had to remain here. I do not know how many of these chose to be killed rather than take the seal of the Antichrist.


Scripture does speak of a group coming out of the Great Tribulation, but whether some are from those who were left behind, or not, was not made clear to me in this vision.

[The conclusion of Armin A. Wolff's dream and postscript remarks.]






Rapture Dream


6 Sep 2002


I thought you might be interested in/ edified by the following dream I


There's been a lot of speculation re: the possibility of the rapture taking

place this month. I went to take a nap, and before napping prayed

about *really* understanding the rapture and what was going to

happen. I had a very long and vivid dream- I was at home with my

husband and daughter, getting something from the kitchen. The was a

blinding flash of light and a shaking/vibration. I started yelling excitedly

to my husband, "what just happened, what was that!" We all looked at

each other and knew we were changed- we were in physical form but

with an incredible light in us that was visible. I jumped up in the air a

few feet and stayed there. I told my daughter to try. We discovered we

weren't bound by physical laws and then realized we could move by

thought. We went to find other people this had happened to. We found

some people like us celebrating and calling the changed people "the

enlightened ones." I wanted to go see the moon since we could move

by thought. I went to the moon and was scuffing around in the dust/dirt

thinking how cool it was making tracks on the surface. Then I

discovered there was a city on the moon. It freaked me a little so I

returned to where the celebration was. I discovered that the world was

in chaos. Society had almost totally broken down. Someone told me

"terrorists" had just massacred a group of people outside the building.

We discovered there were basically 3 groups of people: the changed

ones, the people who were Christians in name only (they were

freaking), and the rest of the people who had become like mad dogs

wanting to try to kill the changed people and the "Christians." Those of

us that were changed were translated various places to witness to the

"Christians" and explain salvation. We had the power to know any

illnesses a person had and instantly heal them. The Christians left

behind were *very* sad because they knew they would be martyred for

their faith if they received Christ. They knew the anti-christ would come

to power and the mark would be instituted. It was a hard decision for

them. The "mad dog" people were very frustrated and insanely angry

because they could not catch us or kill us. These people formed loose

gangs to hunt us down, but we would be translated somewhere else,

and they couldn't hurt our physical body. After a while society settled

down a little and things became less chaotic, but the changed people

would continue to appear to people to witness to them. I had the sense

that the anti-christ had come into power to restore order. The dream

was so vivid and incredible. I woke up feeling blown away by how

incredible this dream was, and thinking "wow, that makes perfect

sense." The dream had a lot more detail, but I've tried to just give a

synopsis. Please feel free to forward this email.









Eva Faye Marsee




I had this dream sometime probably in the early 80's. It is still very vivid today. I dreamed my family was driving around in a rural area just enjoying the day. We were driving by a small cemetery in a neighborhood when all at once I saw an elderly man climb up out of a grave. I shouted to Dana my husband and said," Look Dana the dead in Christ are rising. Pull over to this house and I will call Mom and Dad and tell them what is happening because It probably won't be on the news for a while". I was in this house talking to the people and they said I could use their phone. I picked up the receiver and started to dial when I heard Dad on the phone saying hello. I said,"What are you doing on the phone I haven't dialed yet"?


Then the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, " Now you will have whatever your heart desires, not what your thoughts are but what is your deep heart desire".

Then I turned to the people there and told them "This thing that is happening is really great, you guys need to get saved". They said to me "It's to late." And I said "No it's not, it's never to late". Then they said "Yes it is, it's to late." So I said "We can ask God for anything and He will do it now." So I set up a chalkboard and a piece of chalk and I said, "Holy Spirit tell us. Is it to late?" And all at once it was written on the chalkboard "Yes".


The next thing I knew Dana and I were walking down a back ally and all this screaming was going on. Terrible screams. We looked over and some people were using a guillotine to cut off Christian's heads. We didn't feel sad because we knew that it was suppose to be and we weren't afraid because we knew that they couldn't touch us because we had our immortal bodies and no one could harm us. We also knew that those people that weren't Christians hated us because they could not harm us.


We were starting to walk through this ally onto the main street and in my spirit I could see someone waiting to attack us around the corner of this building. They had an ax ready to swing holding it back over his head. I wasn't afraid. I was just curious how the Holy Spirit was going to take care of it. When we stepped in front of this man he was frozen and couldn't move and I could see that it was making him very angry.


The next thing I knew I was walking by myself down main street and I started missing Dana. So I said, "Holy Spirit take me to be with Dana." The next thing I knew I was floating in a standing position at a walking speed down the street. I said, "Holy Spirit let's go as fast as lightning." Instantly I was zooming down the road to a house where I could see Dana. Dana was in a glass house in a small neighborhood. He was down on one knee reading the Bible. Then I was standing next to him. Then I said, "Holy Spirit I would like for the kids to be here with us". All at once I saw the children flying in the air next to each other coming to us.


Then all my family, (at that time, my children, my husband and I ) were walking down a street late in the day in a neighborhood just enjoying the peace and I had this great desire to be with Jesus. All at once I was being pulled by the Holy Spirit into the sky. My joy was great. Then I realized that the Holy Spirit had said that we could have our hearts deep desire. As I was floating to heaven I looked back to my family and said that's it! That's it! The rapture will happen when you get the deep desire to be with Jesus.


After I awoke, the Holy Spirit told me we were going to be on Earth for 40 days after the dead in Christ arose, but we would have our immortal bodies, like Jesus did when He rose from the dead and walked the earth with His immortal body for 40 days.


In the late fall of 2002 I came across the website

. It has a collection of prophesies and dreams that different people received through the years. When I read that there were other people who had the same dream as I did, I just about fell over. Their names are Armin A. Wolf and Patricia.

In September God anointed me with the anointing of fire and restitution. He said He was getting His bride ready for the great resurrection.


Amen come quickly Lord Jesus.


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