Barb K (8 Feb 2012)
"To MathMan"

Hi MathMan,
As I shared with Ron Reese, there is absolutely, no need to apologize, for any reason. You did your job and you did it well. NO ONE can "perfectly" know the mind of our Father. After all, you have to remember, Dad's thoughts are so much higher than ours.  Despite the awesome gift He has given you for working with numbers, finite just can not meet or match INFINITE. And I know Dad is very proud of you "investing your talents" into fields that will yield 30, 60 or 100 fold. Even if that fold is back-slidden Christians who read your work and realized 'what if he's right. I really need to clean up my walk' or an unsaved person, in the valley of decision, who shares your love of numbers and it was the bait that pulled them into a relationship with our Christ. Like Ron, you laid it on the line and went out on a limb for what you believed with your heart of hearts. Who can fault you for that? I, for one, admire it. Yeah, maybe we were disappointed but I think we've been disappointed by so many dates that we have learned to bounce right back and keep on speculating!! And we continue to look forward to any future thoughts you have on possible rapture days. Like I said to Ron, also, we can't help ourselves. It's what a bride does.......  Anxiously awaits her bridegroom.....  Hoping that each day might be the day and speculating about future days that it might possibly be! Ours is a 2 fold calling.  As Watchmen it's our GOD GIVEN responsibility to watch and warn............ And as a bride, it's our Lord's command to watch and wait.
So, don't give up and don't give in. Keep fighting the good fight and running the race to the finish. We'll know when its over when we hear that trumpet blow!!
Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!!
Barb K