Arlene (29 Feb 2012)
"For RJ2...please supply input...."

Hi RJ2....You always amaze me!  It's not just what you say, but it's the little "add on" pieces you happen to tack on just by "accident"...  Yes, those have fragmented my mind into little tiny pieces (there's too much simplicity in "blowing my mind").  You mentioned the 144,000....and I knew they had to do with Israel (Hebrews) in some special way.  I can never leave anything alone....even if I had one tiny question, which you put into my already fragmented mind....thank you, my brother!!  I really needed that extra research tonight!

I found something.  I've read it twice....and a half time (my eyes are now tired), and I'm seeing glimmers of "Aha!" in there.  Our Lord is revealing lots of things in these last days....maybe this is one.  However, "in the mouths of two witnesses", etc....  So, would you please evaluate and then supply input???

Let me know what you think....(if others are reading this, you're on the hook for input as well)