Arlene (29 Feb 2012)
"For Robert Belanger, RJ2, and Michael Colonga...and others..."

For Robert Belanger, RJ2, and Michael Colunga....

I'm still not through reading all the letters today, but I had to stop and praise our Lord Jesus Christ for what I see happening on this site.  Maybe it's my imagination, but I'm beginning to see a cohesion among the "body".  Michael sees it, and it was a joy to read his "apology"...and whether this was necessary, or not, is not for me to say.  I just smiled a lot when reading it.  I've heard from many that I am "hard to take" humor is wry and is often taken the wrong way (but not by those who really know me).  I've learned to keep my mouth shut because I'm always offending someone.  But it seems so different at John Tng's wonderful site.  We can all speak without being offended or offending others...and learn from each other.  That's what the "body of C! hrist" does...and no parts are complete without the others.

I absolutely LOVED this definition from whose source or site escapes me momentarily:

These are small groups of Christians that are now studying and obeying the truth found in their Bibles, and they are praying and encouraging each other to be faithful to Jesus. They will be actively watching for and praying for the return of Jesus. He will be the most important person in their lives.

That's us!!  And y'all are my "brothers and sisters", and I am extremely humbled to be among such an indescribable group....

Thanks Guys!!  I love y'all right back!!



PS  I had to make a comment about Joyce Meyers.  I really have no opinion on her, personally.  I only know that I find myself doing an "about face" whenever I see anyone who is followed by a large, adoring crowd...and making lots of money.  It's not been my experience to ever get anyth! ing out of being "one of the crowd".  Jesus cautions us in Matt. 7:14..."Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and FEW there be that find it."  Then He describes the "false prophets, and ravening wolves" right after that.  So, if I see whole bunches of people gathering around one person, I automatically know that they are not the "few" that found that strait gait.  But then, that's only what I see for myself.....