Arlene (20 Feb 2012)
"This is my final answer...for F.M. Riley..."

For F.M. Riley.....Thank you so much for the time you took to get those links together!  I think I have read them in the past, but they were a very good refresher for me again.  I am yet unconvinced about the Babylon in Iraq  or Rome...or any other country in this present world being the "mystery" one.  Rome and it's Eastern and Western "legs" are getting too much credit in this situation for being the bad guys.  The Babylonian religion of "mystery" Babylon is more along the line of what the Statue of Liberty in NY Harbor represents.  She is represented as sitting on 7 continents...and those represent the 7 "mountains" in Revelation 17:9

Jeremiah 50:12 does it for me.  I have to depend upon the Holy Spirit to lead me into all truth and show me things to come...John 16:13.  When I think of America now and compare it to the one I grew up in....I almost lose my sense of balance.  America has! become a "sty" filled with almost every perversion one can think of (I know I'm not supposed to end my sentence with a preposition, but I'm just writing how I speak).  One can hardly turn the television on any more without seeing things that used to be rated "XXX".  Remember when "I Love Lucy" was a great controversy because she showed an actual pregnancy on television? She even work maternity tops!!  Unthinkable!!  But they conceded to at least sleep in twin beds.

That was then....and now is beyond description without using profanity.  "I Dream of Jeannie" was censored because she had the audacity to show her belly button.  And now television ads seem to be geared toward telling people how to get a better, faster, longer, more intense "love" experience.  What they are pushing is not "love"....  We seem to be the most immoral country in the world today.  "Ladies of the evening" (prostitutes) of yesteryear dressed the same! way lots of teenagers and young adult woman of today dress (stiletto heels and low-cut, short dresses).  And their morals are the same.  And there is so much more....but....

Everyone can read Revelation 18:9-15 and see that this, today, has nothing to do with the Middle East...or any country or city there.  If you are looking for a literal Babylon....there is one in NYC at a can google it.  And we are MUCH too close now to the return of our Lord Jesus Christ to even THINK about some day Babylon, Iraq becoming a commercialized city that corrupts the world and has ships out in the sea bemoaning its destruction from afar.

Verse 16 is also interesting...."And saying, Alas, alas, that great city, that was clothed in fine linen (WHITE), and purple (BLUEish), and scarlet (RED)......etc."  Red, white and blue....reminds me of something with stars and stripes.  The purple also fits because of "purple mountains majesty".....
I'm trying not to be repetitious with why I believe America is thi! s "mystery" nation and NYC is the city (headquarters of the United Nations).  The first "United Nations" that God destroyed was in Genesis 11 built by Nimrod (really BAD guy)....everyone was of one language, and it was multicultural.  The only nation in the world today that was built up to be multicultural has been America.  God told us not to do this, and we did it anyway.  The same thing will happen here that happened will be destroyed.  Only this time it will be destroyed completely, once and for all.  That's in Jeremiah 50 and 51 and many more verses here and there.

None of the above information is from any book I've ever read except for the KJV bible and from personal observation.  If I am in error, I will apologize to God.

Again, I thank you for your time and effort to let me see things as you see them, but I remain unchanged.