Arlene (17 Feb 2012)
"For F.M. Riley....a sincere answer..."

Dear F.M.Riley....You asked where America was referred to in the bible as "Babylon".  I think you'll find that if you read Jeremiah 50:12.  Yes, it talks about Chaldea, but verse 14 makes it clear that Babylon will be destroyed in the time of the end.  The bible doesn't call nations by their present names because the names have been changed.  Persia is now Iran, Istanbul was Constantinople (I remember that from a song in my youth).  You asked for an answer to a sincere question:

Doesn't America have a "mother"?  I have often heard England referred to as "Mother England" in history references.  And isn't America the "hindermost" of the nations?  That means the last nation to become a major world power....that's us!!!  So, when I read Jeremiah 50:12....immediately I thought of America.

The Statue of Liberty sitting in t! he Harbor of NYC is said to be the statue of "Isis" or "Aphrodite", or one of the many names of the goddesses of the mythologies.  This reminds me of Revelation 17:4 of the woman with the "golden cup in her hand".  The Statue of Liberty has 7 spikes in her crown.  They stand for the 7 continents of the world....and that reminds me of Rev. 17:9 and the "seven mountains" on which the woman sits.  America has military bases on just about every continent in the world as well as being the home of the United Nations.  We are a multicultural nation, which reminds me of verse 15.  And lastly, just in chapter 17, verse 18 is the clincher..."And the woman which thou sawest is that great city (NYC), which reigneth over the kings of the earth (U.N)."

I can't see any other nation or city on earth which fits this description of "Mystery" Babylon.  Perhaps that's why God uses the word mystery because He wants us to solve the problem.  Proverb! s 25:2..."It is the glory of God to conceal a thing:  but the honour of kings is to search out a matter."  So, if America isn't end-time Babylon, I can't really see any other nation or city that would fit the description.  Rome certainly doesn't!  And neither does present day Babylon which was rebuilt by Saddam Hussein...but it's not a great center of commerce that sits on "many waters".  America sits on whole lots of waters....Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, Great Lakes, etc...many more.  (Sorry, geography is not my best subject), but you get the picture.

This is my sincere answer to your question.  There is a great book on this by R.A. Coombs called "America, The Babylon"....I've seen it for sale on the internet as a cd-ROM.  However, I don't know computers well enough to buy it...but I've read some parts of it, and he says the same things I've researched and found out.  I hope this answers adequately...

Sincer! ely, YSIC,