Arlene (10 Feb 2012)
"About the next date..."

Hi Doves....and to Doug Martin on his views on setting dates...

There is nothing more exciting, at least to me, than looking forward to another possibility of a date when our Lord Jesus will come for us.  I really don't want to have my feet in this world or have anything to do with its systems.  The world shouldn't be a comfortable place for a believer.  I used to get disappointed somewhat...but we learn from the errors we made, and the closer we get, God is revealing more to us as well.......each time we are getting closer, and I am getting more excited and less disappointed!!

With the way the world is becoming more and more controlled and evil, I can't see this lasting another 7 to 10 years as some have placed the timing.  Look how rapidly our freedoms have been lost just in the last 3 years!!

For those who absolutely believe that Obama doesn't qualify for the role of the Antichrist, here is a goo! d film to see:

Seeing is believing.....

I can't wait until Ron Reese and Math Man come out with their latest findings!!!  Keep the faith, and keep looking up!!!

Your sister in Jesus Christ,