Anthony Mak (7 Feb 2012)
"Try to watch and endure this for just 8 minutes.."

Brothers and sisters, if you cannot even watch and endure this for only 8 minutes, think of how anyone can endure it in real life by really being there forever and ever...Please warn your loved ones and friends and people about this terrible and horrible eternal place...Jesus came to save us from this very place...think very very carefully where you want to spend eternity...send this to all you least give them a chance to foretaste this unimaginable place even though it may offend least you've given them a chance to think deeply about their eternal future and where they want to go..the rest we just leave it to the Holy Spirit to bring convictions of this truth to the individuals ( even for backslided or carnal Christians )..Its really not worth it to allow even the greatest sinner to go there!....

Go to youtube and type in "8 minutes in hell ( creepy )"