Amanda (7 Feb 2012)
"For: Watcher Woman and all Doves...SPRING RAPTURE!"

Hello Mrs. Watcher Woman,

I read your email and could feet I think what many of us have been recently facing such spiritual demonic attacks.  Sometimes the attacks come on so obviously from Satan that you can almost laugh and go "really is this all you've got!"    Hang in the there watcher woman...cling to His word, promises and voice.  He will protect you and hold you through this.  And really no post goes un read by me but sometimes I just don't get back about all.

There are so many posters that I love to read here, just to name a few people :)

Nicole, Leigh, Ron Reese, Mathman (how do you do all that math!), Joe M., Suzi, Jennie, Jay (love all your research about the upcoming attacks/war), Gerry Almond, Sabrina's letters (and all prophectic letter from whoever), Dru (Buddy Baker's visions), and the list can go on!!!!  I love to read each day along with going to rapture in the air.   There are so many gifted people and I can be so uplifted by all that are waiting for Jesus to break open the sky!

I just can't ignore the fact that a few years back He told me "spring" for the rapture timing.  I was surely wanting it to be at any time but spring is coming and Israel is getting ready.  The timing is too perfect and lining up to be a "spring rapture".  It seems were hearing spring/early summer attack from either Iran starting or Israel.  Either way it can easily turn into WWIII and the Lord said to be back in June of 2008 "world war".  I believe the dominos are all set up and ready to go.  A spring rature does not seem that unlikely with what is going on in this world.  Remember Israel is the timepiece/timeclock.  I know He is giving us huge clues.  


I was thinking atleast 2 years ago a spring rapture when He first told me.  Then spring would pass and nothing.  Well we are on the brinks for spring coming again this year and Israel is ready.  I believe the trumpet is out and ready to BLOW!

p.s.  I have to be faithful to what He has said "spring" for the timing.  We will soon see!

Love to my Five Doves family,