Alan T (6 Feb 2012)
"RE: Raul D " Pre-Trib, Super bowl 46, Psalm 46, & Sum of all fears ""

I enjoyed your well thought out presentation, and commend your position on the Old Testament saints current location, and the fact that the disciples have yet to receive their glorified bodies.
This complex and meat filled line of bible research raises more questions about the state of the disciples right now, and what thrones they will be sitting on.
Did Jesus imply the disciples would sit on thrones in heaven judging the twelve tribes of Israel, or on earth during the Millennial reign, or in the New Jerusalem in the fulness of times ?
revelation says the souls of those killed for the witness of God were under the throne..implying they had no glorified bodies. Are these only those martyred in the tribulation, or can these include church age saints before the rapture ?
"Elders" could possibly include prominent Apostles/ Jewish disciples, or it could also mean old testament Resurrected saints from Abraham's bosom. It does not specify if the Elders were in the spirit or glorified bodies.
John the revelator could not have been in anything but the spirit when he was in heaven witnessing these events.
Paul states that .."to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord..", so all dead church age saints would have to be in heaven in the spirit, as having not yet been joined with their glorified bodies as Jesus has.
Yes, many questions..
Your 2012-2019 tribulation with a final blood moon for the next 50+ years is exciting and intriguing.
Thank You for the challenging and enlightening letter.

Alan T