Alan T (3 Feb 2012)
"Bizarre Tribulation dream ?"

I wanted to share a strange and exceedingly vivid dream. In the dream I was aware that I was experiencing these things in someone else's body.
The place we were in was very steep and rugged, but also extremely hard to traverse due to there being brush and debris scattered everywhere. It was as if a cataclysm of some kind had taken place and laid everything waste.
At times we witnessed giant machines that were grinding up the debris and making huge swaths over the landscape. These machines would always come towards us, so that we were forced to try to crawl and climb away from them. No matter how steep or how high we went, the machine would always continue after us.
next thing I knew we were in an underground facility that was dark and had numerous tunnels and paths with lights in the walkways. it seemed to be a kind of prison but also people were free to walk around. Everyone was young and foolish, and were only interested in play and self-amusement. Someone said something about an unfinished maze someone was building, and so I stole away alone, instinctively looking for hidden doors and passages. I went through several false panels that eventually led outside and the sun was shining. I had to jump off a platform and landed on a steep snowy mountainside.
The sun was hot and to the point it was almost unbearable on the skin. As I looked up the hill, pieces of charcoal and burnt wood and rocks were rolling down the steep hillside at me at tremendous speeds. As I ran across the mountainside, I would stop to avoid huge boulders that would barely miss sometimes only by inches. As panic and fear gripped, there seemed like no possible way to survive..

Alan T