Alain T (10 Feb 2012)

The Rapture May Be in Less than 2 Weeks

Please Pray These Prayers
Morning and Bedtime

These prayers came in from brother Larry
He has been visited by the Lord
Please take this very seriously

Stand in the Gap for Your Family

The Holy Spirit has told me to start to stand in the gap for my family.  My prayers are now limited to my family.  In prepare the way for the coming of The Lord there are a couple of things when you stand in the gap for your family The Holy Spirit pointed out to me that are very important.

First say please forgive (repent) all my sins till the second of the rapture.  Then it is very important for us to be totally submerged in the holy fire of The Lord for a full 10 minutes that will burn all residue of sin away.
Next please be sure to ask The Lord to intercede for our family with the Father and ask him after the prayers are done to please put that person’s name in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

Also get a confirmation from The Lord that that person is now in the first heaven. I can’t tell you how important this is. My son Adrian’s soul was just taken from the compartment to the first level of heaven and his name is now written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.  You can’t believe the peace I have about this now. Remember this word came directly from our Heavenly Father thru his Holy Spirit.  I actually heard my Father say Holy Spirit please take over the being Lawrence Demers for the duration of this word. I am just an empty vessel for this word all credit,  glory and honor must go to our Lord and Savior the Holy Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord told me anyone who completely follows this word in it’s entirety   will be taken to the first heaven. My Father told me my children no longer have any excuses by following this word they will be taken to heaven. 

Your brother in Christ Larry

Brothers and Sisters in Christ

The rapture of the bride of Christ is upon us.Here are instructions from our Father in heaven thru The Holy Spirit for us on how to prepare in repentance and holiness for the coming of our Lord.

How do we achieve holiness?

First  we must ask The Lord to break our pride.  Then ask the Holy Spirit to lead us into holiness thru humility.

A more detailed description of this procedure can be found in Andrews Murray’s book Humility the journey towards Holiness.  It can be found on and is very inexpensive.

Confession of Sins

Holy Lord Jesus I confess every sin I have committed in my lifetime and every sin committed thru my complete generational and ancestral line. I also confess every soul tie I have ever made and all the sins generated thru those soul ties thru my complete generational and ancestral lines. I confess every sin that I have committed in my dreams and every sin committed by my generation and ancestral lines in their dreams. I now cover all these grievous sins with the holy blood of our Lord and Savior The Holy Lord Jesus Christ and take full and total responsibility for all of these grievous sins. Please Holy Lord Jesus forgive all of my sins. The Lord will tell or acknowledge to you he forgives you your sins.

Sincere Repentance

Cleansing and Purification

Open Doors

Hedge of Protection

Holy Lord Jesus please grant me a protective hedge as you have granted your servant job (job 1:10) and a protective wall of fire Zechariah (2:5) that the demonic realm has no access to my soul and my flesh. Please put this protective hedge and wall of fire between my flesh here on earth and my soul, spirit, record keeping books and robe and gown in heaven. Holy Lord Jesus I humbly come before you the one true God and beseech you to ask your great and mighty Holy Spirit to please please help to stop me from sinning.  Please Holy Lord Jesus grant me your faithful servant this blessing. Holy Lord Jesus please intercedes for me with my Father in heaven and if in your eyes I am worthy to please ask my father to please put my name in the lambs book of life. Please great and mighty Holy Spirit of God help prepare me in repentance and holiness for the imminent coming of The Holy Lord Jesus Christ that I may be found worthy to participate in the weeding supper of the lamb.

Thanksgiving and Praise

Thank you holy Father for your great grace and mercy you have shown all your children on how to prepare for the coming of your son. In Jesus holy name I thank you Holy Father. For we can truly do nothing with out your holy son (john 15:5). Thank you so much Holy Spirit of God for helping us your children prepare for the rapture thank you Holy Spirit. Holy Lord Jesus how can I ever thank you for what you have done for your children you gave your life for us you have interceded time and time again with your Father for us to give us more time to prepare for your coming. I love you Holy Lord Jesus with my whole heart and soul for this extra time you have given us. Children of God time has truly run out.  God in his great grace and mercy has now showed us how to prepare for the imminent coming of his holy son The Holy Lord Jesus Christ.

May God have mercy on all our souls.

Please translate this prayer in your own language and let us know on so we can spread this all over.... Thank You Jesus

Scriptures to back up this prayer:

Stand in the Gap

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Generational Line Sin

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Soul Ties

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Holy Fire

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The door closes after the rapture

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Open doors

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Record keeping books

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Robe and gown

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