Abigail (7 Feb 2012)
"To Nicole - Biblical colours"

Hi Nicole
In response to your request for interpretation of Biblical colours, I went to a seminar in 2003 where a study of the symbolism of the Bible was presented by a Debbie Bright.   I have selected some information she shared and summarised this below.  As I recall, Debbie used to travel to different parts of the world (including Israel) demonstrating colours and symbols, with accompanying very graceful and scripturally significant and inspiring dances, using the different coloured flags that she made, to complement the dancing.  
In Isaiah, the colour red or crimson (depending on translation) symbolises sin, and white (as in snow or wool) symbolises being forgiven by God.  In passage from Revelation, there is jasper and carnelian, rainbow, emerald, gold, blue and clear crystal. . . the elders are dressed in white.
Red can be a symbol of sin, but sin is cleansed by the blood of Christ. On the altar on Pentecost Sunday red sumbolised the fire of the Holy Spirit.
Blue - the heavens (like the sky), anything heavenly such as the prophetic, divine authority
Light blue - often symbol of healing.
White - symbol of peace, purity, light, righteousness, descending on Jesus at baptism represents the Holy Spirit, surrender.
Silver - redemption (as pieces of silver given for the life of a soul in Judaism of Old and New Testaments)
I have scripture references for the following - too many to include here, but let me know if you want any..
Amber, gold  - The glory of God
Black - Death, famine (sin by association with death)
Blue - Heaven, Heavenly Authority from above, Grace, The Holy Spirit  (Nu 15:38; Jn 14:26 blue hemremind)
Brass - Judgment against sin of disobedience, strength, endurance
Scarlet-crimson  - Blood, atonement, sacrifice or death
Purple - Royalty, sorrow
Red - War, bloodshed, death, fire
Silver - Redemption, price of a soul
White - Righteousness, purity, light, holiness of God, Christ, the angels or saints
Hope that helps.
Abigail, NZ