Abigail (18 Feb 2012)
"To Amanda"

Hi Amanda
The advice previously given to you about Pokemon was good and timely - and so right. .. I do know of others who have had similar experiences with this game.
The books I mentioned covered all that too - in the steps to freedom: getting rid of such things from one's home. A Non-Christian spiritual checklist covers lots of other things as well, of course..... such as participation in Ouija boards, spells and curses, spirit guides, tarot cards, palm reading, Dungeons and Dragons (and similar games), superstitutions, New Age things, suspect movies, TV shows, music (that glorifies the enemy) . . . to name just a few.. . and since the books were written, there will be lots more to be added to the list!
 It is easy for people to get caught, unsuspectingly, with the more subtle things.
God Bless you and your son.
Abigail, NZ