Abigail (16 Feb 2012)
"To Amanda - spiriual warfare"

Hi Amanda
On the same day you posted (13 February), I also posted the info below in response to a previous post from Charles.  The book "The Bondage Breaker" referred to covers every aspect of spiritual warfare that one could think of - including (of course) those involving children.
Further to my description below,  some of the other things covered are:
temptation, then accusation, not dialoguing with demons, counterfeits, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit after the Cross,temptation boundaries, inability to satisfy the flesh, danger of deception, testing prophecies and gifts, dreams, ways to defend oneself, computer brain (describes the physiology of the brain), chemical imbalance, daily Cross, fear and bad dreams.
Then Set Free focuses on our feelings being a product of our thought life - what we believe is how we think....  so what needs to be changed is the way we think  - then our emotions respond accordingly, instead of vice versa.
These books cover very well situations like you describe and lots of other situations besides.... for any age.  There are steps to follow for anyone wanting to have a mind set free from the enemy.... and then steps for staying free (so important), without having to run to anyone - except Jesus. The author has spent many years as a Counsellor in this realm and the books are straightforward and enlightening.  We cannot help but benefit from this author's experiences.
There are testimonies of children freed from fear, bad dreams. etc.
Amazon.com and Christian bookshops would be able to help - and plenty of information on a Google search under "The Bondage Breaker, Dr Neil T Anderson".  All part of Freedom in Christ Ministries. 
I have copied my post of 13 February referred to above below - have been fighting cyberspace hijinks that keep making the font size in my posts too small (or different), so hope this one is large enough to see comfortably.
Abigail, NZ
Abigail (13 Feb 2012)
"Suggested good reading for Charles and others"

I want to suggest some very good reading for Charles - books that are good for anyone to have in one's bookshelf... to read and re-read, as required - excellent for those who need victory in their lives and equally good for those who have learned how to have victory, but want to understand more - and we all need that.
These books show steps that lead to victorious living... to being overcomers... to finding the ability to praise God and to be thankful for everything He allows to be thrown at us, to seeing unwelcome circumstances as stepping stones to maturity, to resting in Christ who has already fought all our battles for us.
The books show, in plain and inspired language, how that it is not outward circumstances, other people, or temptations put in our path that are the cause of problems, but rather "our way of thinking" when confronted by these things. God meant what He said, "subject all thoughts to the obedience of Christ" (2 Cor 10:5) and there are so many scriptures that tell us that He will change the way we think - all the time.
The books are also filled with heart-warming accounts and testimonies of those who have been delivered from all kinds of bondages that previously held them back from living the victorious life of an overcomer - from young children to mature adults.
The author is qualified, both spiritually and intellectually, and the emphasis is on Jesus as Deliverer. The books are also written in a loving manner.
The Bondage Breaker covers how to find one's way in the world, how to avoid living in the shadows, one's right to be free, how to win the battle of the mind, and how Jesus has us covered. Best to read this book first.
Details are:
The Bondage Breaker, by Dr Neil T Anderson (Overcoming negative thoughts, irrational feelings, and habitual sins)
Set Free - this book includes two sections: Part 1: Released from Bondage and Part 2: A Way of Escape (it is actually an amalgamation of two originally separate books) - very good.
Publisher: Monarch Books
ISBN 1 85424 5740 and 1 85424 4124
The author has written other books - helpful details are given in the books.
Abigail, NZ