1 Cor 10:31 (4 Feb 2012)
"I like that, Charles!"

Charles ~ most excellent post!   http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/feb2012/charles23.htm
I REALLY like when you said,  {paraphrase}   "you need your light LIT in order to see the door"!!!   GOOD ONE!!    I love it & how true!
And thanks ~ really!! ~ for the encouragement to NOT GIVE UP ~ and get down in the dumps with discouragement!!!!    We all need to hear that!  
I was crying yesterday b/c a neighbor had hurt me SO deeply!!  (brother against brother thing)   We had been decent friends only a handful of years together ~ had broken bread together, that sort of thing...... so close at one time they even had us over for Christmas dinner.  
So it hurt really, really, incredibly bad...... down to the core of my very soul...... when she "kicked up her heel against me"   <--  this is the way the Bible puts it, when you have a friend *turn on* you!!
Thanks, Charles.  We needed to hear that word of edification ~ truly Holy Spirit inspired!!  And I'm printing it out to keep.