1 Cor 10:31 (4 Feb 2012)
"Wow, Rowina!"

Rowina!!   You absolutely NAILED IT!!!     http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/feb2012/rowina23.htm
I've never seen such passion in your writing!   Passion and zeal..... and truth!!    Everything you said is right on the money!!!  This, unfortunately, IS a very hate-filled world!!   Very rare is the gem a person can find where someone actually CARES about others -- other than only about themselves.  You can see this even in people's driving!!   They constantly clamor to run each other off the road, to jockey for being FIRST in line, or to cut people off.....  then hand gestures so quickly go into overdrive as well.  They'd just as soon run you into a ditch ~ or even kill you.... as to humbly take a spot behind you & drive with courtesy.  Courtesy is near non-existent any more.
It's a mean, mean, CRUEL world!!
Had a little taste of this just yesterday when a neighbor, who's been pleasant to us UP TILL NOW, came banging on our door ~ nearly kicked it in, at 7:30 in the morning to YELL AT US over something he misunderstood!!!    His face was so pulled back & CONTORTED..... all I could see was DEMONIC POSSESSION!!!!!!   You would have thought so too if you could have seen him.  
It turned out to be a pretty pathetic day for me -- sighing (and crying!)  over that..... and how these once "decent" neighbors ..... .TURNED ON US like *rabid dogs*   <--- analogy goes along great with YOUR letter!!
I LOVE DOGS -- REAL dogs!!   A dog lover through & through......
But the analogy of this being a DOG EAT DOG world ~ has never rung any truer than the times we live in *NOW*.
If people cannot see or sense how very close we are to the end, then for some reason they just have BLINDERS on!!   Pure & simple.
You also mentioned:   If we do not get Heavenly soon, we will not need an atomic
attack to bring us down. We will have let our "leaders" destroy themselves and perhaps us.
AMEN to that, too!!
I truly think the rapture will be before the election ~ as others think & point out, I've truly got my sites on a SPRING rapture (if not before!)   Then in summer Is. 17 can happen (soon after the rapture) ~ then world turns completely against Israel for doing that...... then the Trib can (most likely) get underway in either late summer or by Rosh Hashana.  All IMO.
Also -- should it happen anything like this & the rapture really does happen before the general election -- then this current pResident can claim NO MORE ELECTIONS ~ thus, throwing this country into civil war!!     We can already see that in the making -- just from what you've described & from what I've described and experience as well.
Truth is, I'd like to MOVE!!!   While we like our home, yet there's too much witchery & demonic spirits here.   But when talking with another friend, realized that these neighborhood problems/issues go on NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE!!!!   
So obviously the home & neighborhood I'm yearning for ~ is none other than HEAVEN!!!!!!!!
May Jesus hear our prayers & come SOON!!!!
Prayerfully ~ may it be THIS YEAR!!!