Will Schumacher (28 Feb 2011)
"Christchurch earthquake 1665 days to 9-14-15 and Psalm 132:18"

My previous post showed that the 2nd Christchurch earthquake happened at 12:51 am-a reference I felt to the 1251 days from 4-11-12 to 9-14-15 Feast of trumpets 2015

It is exactly 1665 days from 2-22-11 to 9-14-15

1665=15x111 (111=aleph=Jesus)

I looked at verses with gematria of 1665 (because it works with 9/11 and polonium 210)

Psalm 132:17-18 There I will cause the horn of David to spring forth; I have prepared a lamp for my anointed.  His enemies will I clothe with shame:  but upon himself shall his crown flourish

Verse 18 has a total gematria of 1665

H1665=Gittith “a winepress”

Isn’t God’s wrath the winepress of God-the 10 days of awe from feast of trumpets to day of atonement

On the strong’s side H5145(15x343) has a gematria of 257

9-14-15 is Gregorian day 257 and jewish day 178

Total gematria to H5145=1304

1304=914 + 390(gematria of heaven)

1304=913 + 391 (feast of trumpets starts 6pm 9-13) (391=salvation, Joshua-hebrew form of Jesus)

1304=-4x178 + 2016 (feast of trumpets begins jewish year 2016)

H1304=carbuncle-gem or precious stone=used on the breastpiece of judgement of the priestly garments

An idiom for the feast of trumpets is the Ha Melech=Coronation of the Messiah

Will  Schumacher