Will Schumacher (25 Feb 2011)
"the 2 christchurch earthquakes and 153 and jared"


Because of the lunar and solar eclipses and Daniel’s prophesy seemingly being fulfilled once again on Sept 23, 2015, many people are looking for Christ to return feast of trumpets Sept, 14 2015 and the 10 days of shock and awe culminating on sept 23, 2015, day of atonement

Hence we have

-1290 days to devil cast down and AOD 4-11-12

-the 1335 days taking you to Pentecost 2012-May 26, 27, 2012

-the 1260 days from 4-11-12 is 9-23-15

-However Christ would be returning 9 days earlier on Sept 14, 2015, which is 1251 days after 4-11-12 when the devil is cast down


Everyone is looking at Christ church earthquake  as a day marker to rapture

First Christchurch earth quake on sept 4, 2010 to Jesus return on Feast of trumpets Sept 14, 2010=1836 days

1836=12 x 153

Second Christchurch earthquake of feb 22, 2011 to 5-26-12= 459 days


Pentecost is Sivan or 3rd month 6th day=306 or 2x153


1st earthquake happened at 4:35 am=435 is associated with Jared the father of Enoch.

Jared died 435 years after his son Enoch was raptured –age 527 to age 962.  The other important number for Jared is 162 the age he became a father to Enoch

1st earthquake was 630 days to 5-26-12-Pentecost 2012

630=162x2  + 2x153  

1st earthquake was also 1845 days to 9-23-15 day of atonement

1845=162+ 11x153

2nd earthquake happened 459 days to 5-26-12 as I said but also 460 days to 5-27-12 (the jewish day covers parts of 2 gregorian days)

Jared was born after 460 years according to Genesis

2nd earthquake happened  at 12:51 am-a referral to the 1251 days from 4-11-12 to 9-14-2015

1st earthquake was 1836 days to 9-14-15


2nd earthquake was 1665 days to 9-14-15

1665=15x111 (111=aleph=Jesus)

 will schumacher