Vicki (26 Feb 2011)
"Michael Colunga  RE: Noahs Ark"


Hi Michael,
Thank you for the info about Noah's Ark. Isn't it amazing how God used this whale to point to Jonah AND Noah's Ark? Jonah.. a warning, Noah's Ark (a large boat).....warships!! Sadly the world is missing out on the signs of the times. But what's worse, is they are missing out on the incredible humbling, mind boggling, AWE we believers are experiencing as we watch and witness God's hand at work. All the intricate details He places in each sign/ event/warning. Perfectly thought out and timed by our Most Holy Everlasting God.
Many times I feel like yelling in awe and excitement "Look, Look, Look what our Lord is doing" ..... but nobody wants to listen, many of them being Christians:(
How terribly, terribly sad.
Yet how blessed we are to have John and the Doves!!! Like-minded lovers of our Lord:)