Vicki (26 Feb 2011)
"To Fay...Myra-Heron"


Hi Fay,
Yesterday (Feb. 24) I quickly skimmed through your post to me. Then sent a short response back to you along with a longer letter for all Doves. Late Thurs. night I had time to read your entire post including the link you included. I am excited about the confirmation God gave to you. He truly is speaking to His people during this last hour.
Mae or May seems to be significant. Especially being the 5th month!! I'm still curious about the 5's He's shown me too. He had me add them together to become 10. May 10 ??  We'll know on May 10 if this was indeed what He was pointing to. If not, that's O.K.  He is God and we are not:)
Earlier yesterday I sent a letter to Doves having to do with the year 2018. Then last night my jaw about dropped when I saw your calculation of 222 divided by 11= 20.18 18 18. Wow!! Wow!! Interesting.......we're both seeing 5's and 2018.
Keep looking up.
ysic ,