Vicki (25 Feb 2011)
"To Fay and ALL DOVES (I might explode again!)"


Hi Fay and Doves,
Fay I was amazed to see your post this morning. (Feb. 24) Yesterday God was showing me 5's too! I believe He gives us these numbers for a reason (just like the 11's), although we may not "get it" until HE decides to reveal it to us. The 5's I saw yesterday were to be added together to become 10. I don't know what 10 means, any ideas?
Yesterday God showed me another AMAZING number thing. (another exploding moment)
If you look at the date that Israel became a nation 5-14-48. Multiply the month by the day, 5x14=70. 70 usually refers to a generation ( somewhere in my Bible I read that 70 was the lifespan of a king but I couldn't find it today). Now add the two numbers of the year 4+8=12. The 12 tribes of Israel!! It gets better!!!  Add the 70 to 1948 and it is 2018. The year some feel is the end of the 7year tribulation period. I believe this too. To me this is NOT a coincidence!!! This date (5-14-48) was chosen by our Sovereign and Almighty, Al knowing God!! The Alpha and Omega the Beginning and the end!
To me this is screaming "Israels last generation is here!!!" Only God Himself knows the exact timing for sure.
Also, the number of the anti-christ is 666. 6+6+6=18. Will God destroy him in the year of the number of his name? The year 2018? 2+0+1+8=11!!  Year 11, the beginning of the end?
(uh, brain is off and running now) The year 1948 ..1+9+4+8=22 . 22- the last chapter of the Bible.
The number of the anti-christ is 3 6's. I believe Genesis 36 (3x6) gives us his name.(I had posted this in length in July or Aug. 2010)  One of Esau's wives was Oholibamah.O HOLI BAMAH!!!  Mentioned 7 times!! 7 is the number of completion!  3x6=18.. the year of his destruction?
Only time will tell if I have received and understood this correctly. God has shown me Amazing things over the past few years and frequently He uses numbers and some "strange" type of math. I don't understand it, but the Lord leads at His discretion, as to what is to be done with the numbers He gives.
What truly cracks me up, is that I failed algebra in 9th grade and never took another math class. I hate math. Yet this is what God often uses to show me things. He certainly has a Wonderful sense of humor :)