Vicki (23 Feb 2011)
"Grey whale .....Iranian warships??"


Hi Doves,
O.K. this might sound a little crazy (then again, maybe not, especially when we see what's going on in the world) Could the GREY whale seen off the coast of Israel on May 8,2010 have
been a Harbinger to the (Grey)Iranian warships entering the Mediterranean Sea on Feb.22 2011?
The Grey Whale was a MALE. Not seen in the Mediterranean for 3 centuries. It has been 3 decades since Iranian ships sailed there.
So I'm wondering ( sorry, here goes my brain off and wandering) could the MALE grey whale have been a "sign"? A picture of a conception which would take 40 weeks and 10 days before the "birth" occurred? The ships passed through the (birth) canal after an earthquake (labor pain) happened, 2 ships (twins?) arriving in the Mediterranean on George Washingtons BIRTHday!! I believe there is even more to this....but I'm not sure what it is.Only time will tell.
Keep looking up, we're almost home:)