Suzi (9 Feb 2011)
"to Jeffery T re: pale rider footage"

You said in part:

"Looking at the news footage of the green horseman... My attention is drawn to three white dots aligned vertically to the left of what appears to be a horseman that appear to be reflections on the same reflective surface moving in the same direction and same speed as the ghostly image... unfortunately making the horseman appear to be a reflection on the camera lens, filter or window."

I completely agree, however/where ever that footage was shot, it appears that they may have been looking out a window to capture the happenings down in the street. Something may have been on a computer screen or tv behind them. Since it was 'live', I am thinking it was not done on purpose. Or would it? Why 'fake' something like that? How would it profit the news crew, especially one on a left leaning/secular program?

Was it just a fluke? Someone had a tv on it the back ground, and when the camera turned just right, the image of the 'pale rider' reflected onto a window? Very easy to do, we did an 'illusion' of a vanishing/reappearing figure using  a window and light...and it gave a 'ghostly green image' in an open window.

This was just odd...and the fact that some people saw it for what it appeared makes me wonder if it wasn't done on purpose. If not, then maybe it is a 'sign'....God uses 'nature', why not 'technology' to get our attention?

I haven't done any further research, but did the original news source for this ever mention it?