Suzi (9 Feb 2011)
"To Ed Re: "Growing Prophesy 'threat'"..."

As I read the article, and went down the 7 questions they intend to address, I 'thought', "DUH"...after each one!

A group like this is a tool of the enemy to discredit any and all Watchers and Bible students. How can an organization that claims they are out to 'restore America to it's Biblical Foundation', NOT see the 'signs of the times'?

Question #2 was a major telling point (since #1 could be questioned, since we have had many major wars in our history)...but to question if Modern Israel is a fulfillment of Bible Prophesy? Come on! That's basic Sunday School 101!

While I agree that many over zealous persons/groups do shine a negative light on Christianity, it doesn't look like they are addressing those issues.

Why not focus on the 'churches' who proclaim to be 'Christian', yet obviously are not? Rev. Wright's old church is still going strong, teaching Black Liberation Theology. Westboro Baptists are still terrorizing families at the funerals of their loved ones, many denominations have openly gay 'clergy'. These are the issue that need to be addressed as possible 'problems' with 'credibility'. Seems like this group falls in the same category as the above mentioned, if they are going to throw in with the idea that looking for/studying End Times is a 'threat'.

Their own 'mission statement' says they believe in covering things from Genesis to Revelation...but then they consider study/preaching/teaching of those things found in Revelation as a 'threat'? hmmmmm?