Suzi (9 Feb 2011)
"More on the TV show "V""

I know many here have felt the 'spiritual discernment' behind/within this show. I agree you are feeling the 'evil' that the story portrays. I'm actually pretty sure my initial assumptions were correct...whomever is in charge of story line and character development is either a believer or someone who knows what it REALLY going on.

Last episode we met a "V" who'd been sent to earth more than 15 years earlier by the 'queen mother' (who has been held captive by her daughter for turning on their species, she'd become 'infected' by the human skin she wore). This "V" was a high ranking official in the Catholic church!! Now, where have we heard that before? He was, however, a 'good guy'. He had 'found God'...he knew that accepting God was the only way a person was a person. He even told Anna...without a soul, they'd just be 'animals'. We know that secular teachings say just that...only they believe it is a good thing. They say we ARE 'just animals', only more 'highly evolved'. In "V", they are more 'advanced' in science...but they are not 'human'...and since they rely solely on their 'science' and animalistic urge to survive, they are 'just animals'. This fictional priest is found out by Anna, and taken back on board her ship...he greets her captive mother as 'his queen'. Anna thinks she is going to get information from him, since she will use torture and he will talk. But her mother, who is obviously against her and 'for' the human race, 'martyrs' him, by killing him (which he willingly allows), before Anna can 'make him talk'.

Tonight's episode is supposed to deal with Anna's real BREED with the humans, to perpetuate her 'species'.

If this is NOT about the demons that we KNOW exist, I'd eat my hat (if I wore one). The political/spiritual references are so very obvious. I got into a 'debate' with some people on the Facebook page about just this subject...of course, I was considered a 'nut' by many...*how silly to think that TV had anything to do with either of those subjects*....but I also got a few 'likes' and some friend requests since they also agreed that this show it pulling back the veil that Hollywood has over some issues.

I really believe this show is a warning. If anything changes, I will stop watching....but it is TOO close to reality! It looks/sounds like something Tom Horn and those like him have been saying all along. With the 'UFO' sitings in Utah, and over Temple Mount, and the fact that Bible prophesy is being played out on the news daily...this show is just an illustration of what is brewing in the spiritual realm. The way they show the "Vs" using the media, manipulating those in power, not just politically, but now the Church (Anna DID get the Church to 'put the smack down' on anyone speaking ill of the "Vs"). We are seeing that happening now. Soon, Christians will be charged with 'hate speech' if they do so much as read a passage from the Bible that spells out the truth about people and actions that we know are wrong. Soon, the Bible itself will be considered 'propaganda' and 'hate speech'. Many already believe it is. Just look at how the nets were afraid to air the John 3:16 commercial during the Superbowl.

The only reason I can see that the Powers that Be in Hollywood are allowing this show to air the way it does (showing REAL things we know are happening), is to try to get people to believe that anything of this nature is 'fiction'. I've already seen posts on Facebook from people saying 'why do you post these things as if the show is real, it's just a tv show' (they post updates as if they are really from "Anna", just like most tv shows do, it's all in fun/promotion). The more people think, 'oh, that can't be real, it's a plot from a tv show', the more easily things can slip past. It reminds me of the entire premise of the TV show "X-files", the government staged 'fake' alien things, to hide the REAL alien things. Since we know that 'aliens' are demons...and there ARE some people here on earth, in positions of power in politics, finance and just everything...we know they will willingly go along with whatever Satan has them do. Just like the stuff that goes down at "The Grove" with the "Bohemian Club". People scoff at the idea that intelligent, powerful people would 'really' take part if 'druid/satanic rituals'....yet they DO!

Keep looking up...everything on "V" has played out. Since they are dealing with the 'breeding' soon, I'm curious to see if the "Fifth Column" will be able to 'rise up' and fight them off. *am I even nuttier that they are the 5th column...and we are 5 Doves?* ~cue spooky music here~ Remember, "Art" really does imitate 'life'. Be this a warning or an act of 'misdirection'...I am keeping my eyes on this show....I think it's more accurate than watching CNN!!