Suzi (8 Feb 2011)
"to Barbara re: connecting with other Doves"

We are a scattered lot, aren't we? Seems we do have a few of us in California though, but really...what good would it do unless we were within walking distance?

I'm not trying to be all doom and gloom, but if things really got bad before the Lord comes, if our government pulls the plug on us the way Egypt did, we'd be sunk. I was just thinking that I need to talk to my tech savvy son to see if he has any ideas if our internet/phones went down. He's over on the Central Coast in CA...about a 2.5 hr. drive from us. If something major happened, like an EMP 'bomb' of some kind, HAARP doing is't mischief, or even something 'natural', like a major solar flare that knocked out all electricity, we'd be thrown back 100 years! *thought of that as I was buying some steel cut oats that I make in my slow cooker*

I was thinking about the communications thing, and read that people within a certain distance would be able to use long range 'walkie talkies', but they'd have to be kept inside protective boxes so they'd work in case of EMPs (which our own country could use against us in the case of martial law). But then, we 'distant neighbors' would still be out of luck, since even the really good ones are only good for a mile or so (at least they were the last time I checked).

Maybe I've watched too many Sci-fi movies, with visions of what it 'could' be like in the most dire of conditions, but I just don't see how any one would be able to communicate any distance unless they had special radios that did not get 'fried' during whatever it might be that would cause the emergency situation.

I just pray we are all outta here before any 'help chain' is needed. We can just greet each other 'in person'!! :)